The Manufacturing unit is well equipped and have all facilities to produce high quality products which are  PVC insulated (heavy duty) Electrical cables. The existing capacity of the unit to order 5440 tones of aluminum wire rod and 4400 tones of aluminum conductor,aerial bunched conductors and bare aluminum wire, PVC Insulated and XLPE Insulated Cables and  PVC Sheathed Cables  is  1200 KM


Plant and Machinery :

The machinery comprises of wire drawing machine, stranding machine, two extruders and arousing machine and other items. Apart from this, Plant has :Oil fired Aluminum Melting furnace, Ingot Pusher with hydraulic Pump, Rolling Mill, Twin Coilers with drums, 11 draw wire drawing Machine, Butt Welding , Cold Welding, Hydraulic Lifts and Weighing Scales.


Quality Control Equipments

Stringent quality checks at every step of Product development cycles  enables us to deliver    quality products. Our Lab is equipped with latest quality check equipments mainly :

  • Spectometer
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • Grinders
  • Double Kelvin Bridge with accessories
  • Micro meters and Vernier Caliper
  • Lab Glass Wares and Chemicals for Steel Testing