Manufacturing Process of XLPE Insulated PVC Sheathed Cables

Incase of XLPE cables the aluminum rod is  tested for the aluminum content and on suitable results, the material is released for wire drawing. The wire is then annealed and conductor is stranded as per the specification and size of the relevant IS. In case of use of copper, the packing of the same is carried out before drawing. There after the conductor is rolled on a spool and the casting with XLPE  with suitable quantity of master batch(to impart color) is carried out on the extruder. The extrusion is carried out to the required thickness of XLPE as per standards. If required,  armoring of the formed cable is carried out on the armoring machine with galvanized wire/ galvanized steel strip of the size as  per the relevant standard. In case of single care products , the test of conductivity, elongation, wrapping, insulation, ageing etc. as per standard are carried out and satisfactory results, the cable is ready for packing and dispatch. On-line numbering and making is carried out on the respective  machine. In case of multi-core cables, the formation of different conductors and coating ofPVC is carried out on individual conductors as mentioned above. As per core specification, the number of conductors are laid as per specification on a laying machine and there after armoring if required , is carried out on armoring machine by galvanized round steel wire/steel strip. The laid cable is then insulated/sheathed with PVC. The cable so extruded is rolled on a spool and is finally tested for required  tests (also mentioned above) both at individual levels and at the final product stage. On satisfactory results, the cables ends are sealed. The material is packed and is ready for dispatch.